Cheap Flooring Alternatives

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Flooring is very expensive. It can break your decorating budget. One cheap decorating alternative is to look for ways to save on alternative flooring. 

You can use anything flat as a cheap flooring alternative. An article from even mentions someone who floored a bathroom with playing cards and another person who tiled an entryway with Scrabble tiles. Almost anything flat and covered with sealant can be used as flooring. 

Another alternative is concrete. It is inexpensive and can be mixed and laid yourself. You may want to carve interesting patterns in the concrete before it dries.

You can also paint the floor, whether it’s wood, concrete, or another material. Pretty it up with paint and add sealant.

Or you can use carpet samples. They can be obtained from retailers for little or no cost. They can be used to carpet an entire room or to create an area rug with an interesting pattern. You just have to glue the samples to the floor, padding, or base for the rug (e.g., a drop cloth). 

Carpet remnants are another alternative. They are usually bigger than carpet samples and can be used in larger rooms. They may be used in combination with carpet samples in a room.

You can also use wood, laminate, or tile samples from clearance racks at retail stores. Get a bunch of different colored wood planks for a hardwood floor and put them together to make an interesting pattern. The same can be done with tile.

There is also, a website that allows people who want to give away flooring that they don’t use for their home to other people. You can get free flooring that way, though it probably wouldn’t be enough to cover an entire room. In that case you can combine patterns to create a unique look.

These ideas can be good for rooms that you don’t plan for a lot of people to see, such as laundry rooms. 

You have to be a do-it-yourselfer to make these ideas work. Be creative — that’s a big part of it. It can save you money and give you a unique floor.


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